Sweden’s Joel Lundberg is a multi-talented musical wizkid. As a performer (on guitar and bass!) he has toured the US, Japan and throughout Europe supporting artists like Debbie Harry and Mumford & Sons.

With a master’s degree in composition and improvisation from University of Gothenburg, studying under Professor Johannes Landgren and Professor Anders Jormin, he is a featured composer and arranger on recordings in various genres. For the app Sleep Cycle he has produced hour-long, ever-changing ambient tonal works for modular synthesizer.

His first album of classical piano compositions, Music from a Room (2020) invoked comparisons to Debussy, Ravel and Satie – “while remaining firmly at home in the 21st century” – and critical acclaim:

“A refreshing respite from an uncertain reality.” (No Dead Guys)
“Hauntingly evocative” (No Dead Guys)
“Often lush with rich textures” (Planet Hugill)
“There is freedom to the music which suggests an improvisatory feel to Lundberg’s composition techniques. This also brings a sense of narrative drama, which only serves to make the titles of the individual movements all the more intriguing.” (Planet Hugill)

The follow-up album Odysseys and Apostrophes (2023) is an open-minded exploration, an associative investigation, a stream-of-consciousness-like musical journey. Once again performed by pianist Kalle Stenbäcken.